Interesting and relevant October dates

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October dates

October is “Pizza month”.

1st – 1908 Henry Ford’s Model “T” goes on sale

3rd – 1990 Germany is reunified after 45 years

4th – 1957 Russian launches the Sputnik to start the space race

5th – HMRC payroll month 6 closes.

9th – 1967 Breathalyser introduced to Britain

10th – Parliament returns from Conference recess

10th – 1903 The Women’s Social and Political Union formed by Emmeline Pankhurst

14th – 1066 Battle of Hastings

14th – 1947 Chuck Yeager pilots first aircraft to break the sound barrier

19th – HMRC CIS return for month to 5th October by today

19th – 1987 “Black Monday” as world stock markets fall

21st – HMRC payments due today for PAYE month 6 and CIS deductions

21st – 1805 Admiral Nelson is mortally wounded at Trafalgar

21st – 1915 first trans-atlantic radio voice call made

24th – 1929 “Black Thursday” on Wall Street leading 5 days later to start of the American depression

24th – 1945 The united Nations is founded

26th – 1951 Winston Churchill becomes Prime minister for the second time

28th – 1971 British parliament vote to join the European Economic Community

30th – 1990 The Channel Tunnel construction breaks through a 2 inch pilot hole

31st – Bank of England publishes Money and Credit for September