Bookkeeper testimonials

Outsourced contract work

“Ian worked nonstop and methodically to a very high standard and left me with a tidy and easy to follow job.”

Susan Grant
M L Lashford & Co, Financial Accountants.

Advice and guidance

“Ian has been very good at getting to the bottom of those issues where there have been small errors in the accounts, and then finding the source of these errors and correcting them.

He has also helped in sorting out software issues, especially for those annoying problems that normal/inexperienced/non-professional people like me cannot sort out.

After sorting the software issues, Ian always gives the proper advice for a corrective action plan for the future.

However, even as I joke with Ian and say that he has a brain the size of the Universe, Ian has really helped me in times when I have found that I have been in a hole.

Ian also has a wonderful dry sense of humour and it can be a pleasure to have a problem and to have the assistance of Ian to sort out ‘the wood for the trees.”

Richard Hague
Treasurer, Forerunner Trust

Technical knowledge

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ian in his role as treasurer of The Forerunner Trust, a registered charity.

Ian is an excellent budget manager who shows a depth of understanding for technical accounting whilst being able to translate it into laymans terms for those who do not hold a financial qualification.

He is hard working and reliable and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an accountant.”

Tessa Norris
Managing Director Dudley Community Services