bookkeeping in November

Bookkeeping  in November comment and dates

November is “Novel writing month”. Time to see whether you really do have the one novel in you and achieve immortality! Perhaps you will start your own business. In which case never forget bookkeeping in November should never be far from your list of actions to get your idea off the ground.

On the following dates lots happened. What interests you most and what makes you realise you need some help with bookkeeping?

1st, 1858, Queen Victoria is proclaimed ruler of India and Britain confirms the fact that the sun never sets on the Empire.

2nd 1936, Worlds first regular TV service starts in London.

3rd Bank of England Inflation report published. Are there any surprises for the UK economy or business owners?

4th, 1890, world’s first electrified underground railway opened in London and The Tube” becomes a great driver of the growth of the City of London as a world leader in financial services.

5th, 1605, Gun power plot to blow up King James I in Parliament takes place. Celebrated every year this provides a small boost to the UK economy between summer and Christmas.

5th last day of payroll month 7 and the first where the effects of the new National Minimum Wage rates can be seen. Of course this only applies to those employees under 25 years of age because for all those above this age the National Living Wage applies.

7th payment of VAT quarter ending 30 September due by today latest unless you have set up to pay by bank direct debit, when this is due on about the 10th.

8th House of Parliament rise for a mid season break, returning on 14th. Traditionally this is for the New Lord Mayor of London, the banquet at the Mansion House and the state opening of Parliament. The State opening now occurs in June.

11th, 1918, end of the Great War after 4 years and 97 days and millions of deaths on both sides. The reparations forced on Germany after the war lead to the rise of National Socialism in Germany, Adolf Hitler taking power and so to the Second world war in 1939.

14th, 1994, first paying passengers travel through the Channel tunnel making travel between Britain, France and Belgium much easier.

17th, 1869, Suez Canal opens allowing transport of goods between Europe and Asia much quicker.

22nd payment of PAYE and NIC for month 7 due by today latest. How many small employer’s are still claiming the allowance against their National Insurance cost? The total of £3,000 is available and continues until the year to date value reaches this. Your bookkeeping in November should be checking this to make sure you record it properly.

26th Small business Saturday (US). Celebrating small businesses must be a good thing. But there is no reason why these businesses need to struggle with their bookkeeping. Just “Keep calm and hire a Certified Bookkeeper”.

30th Computer security day. A timely reminder that computer security is very important, especially where you keep your accounts on a computerised program and rely on this for your financial information.

30th Bank of England Financial stability report published. Hopefully the UK economy will continue to show that business and enterprise is strong.