Bookkeeping service date

1st Abraham Lincoln, American President, signs income tax into law, 1862.

4th American Declaration of Independence from Britain, 1776.

5th End of Payroll month 3.

6th Louis Pasteur gives first inoculation against rabies, 1885.

7th Payment for VAT quarter ending 31st May due by today.

9th First Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, 1877.

14th The Bastille, Paris, falls to start the French Revolution, 1789.

14th Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee report published.

16th First experimental atomic Bomb exploded, 1945.

16th Joshua Reynolds, portrait painter, born 1723.

20th First man lands on the Moon, 1969.

20th Edmund Hillary, first man to summit Mt Everest, born 1919.

21st Houses of Parliament rise for summer recess.

22nd Payment for month 3 tax and national insurance due by today.

25th First international overseas airplane flight by Louis Bleriot, 1909.

30th England win the FIFA Jules Rimet world cup, 1966.

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